New Unionlub DT 10 dielectric oil: isolator for transformers

New Unionlub DT 10 dielectric oil: isolator for transformers

Aluchem has recently developed a specific product for transformers, denominated Unionlub DT 10, that distinguishes itself from other products present on the market due to its excellent dielectric rigidity (resistance of the fluid to electrical stress), obtainable through treatment with a specific system that operates in a vacuum.
That process of treatment and purification of the product allows for reaching very low levels of contaminants, such as water, solid or other particles, thus ensuring a higher-quality product and allowing the client to be able to use it immediately, without having to treat it on site.

As an example, similar untreated products have a dielectric rigidity of approximately 40 kV and a water content of approximately 30 ppm, while Unionlub DT 10 (treated product) has a final dielectric rigidity of > 60 kV and a water content 5 ppm.

Clearly, the use of Unionlub DT 10 allows for both significant savings and optimization of organization.

Unionlub DT 10 is suitable for use in any type of transformer, due to:
High resistance to oxidation
Chemical stability and good level of gas absorption
Very low “natural” slipping point
Low viscosity, to allow for a quick heat transfer;
Passes the copper corrosion test;
Exempt from PCB;
Exceeds IEC 60296 specification.


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