Aluchem team of specialists can help clients to carry out field checks, to identify areas of improvement and implement adequate lubrication plans, to optimize lubricants use and minimize maintenance costs.

A proper lubrication plan allows you to:

  • decrease maintenance operations;
  • reduce “machine downtime” and associated costs;
  • increase production capacity;
  • optimize use of lubricants;
  • minimize the amount of exhausted products to be disposed, contributing to respect the environment.


Aluchem can satisfy any lubrication needs, even the most critical, thanks to the possibility of studying and developing its own products specifically formulated to solve complex problems of mechanisms operating in particular or severe conditions, such as, for example, very low temperatures or very high pressures.

The laboratory and our experts are always available to customers, to consider operational and application criticalities and identify the best solution, also by developing “custom” lubricants.



Aluchem organizes basic and advanced lubrication courses.
The level of the courses and the topics of discussion are agreed with the client, according to the recipients and objectives of the course.

The main training topics are:

  • lubricants characteristics and their classification,
  • lubricants quality and performance levels,
  • type of product and relative application,
  • lubrication method,
  • check the range of products in use.

A proper lubrication and methods of application knowledge allows a significant reduction of maintenance costs and the running costs of lubricants stocks, as well as those of disposal of exhausted products.