ALUbio Grease EP

ALUbio Grease EP

Long-lasting high speed and high-temperature bearings. Pins, hinges, joints exposed to continuous leaching


SAE – ISO VG – NLGI Gradation
NLGI 0-1-2
Operating temperature °C
From -20 to +150
Viscosity index

Alubia Grease EP contains  the latest biodegradable EP additives, enabling a high strength lubricating film to form which can perform under maximum mechanical stress. Alubio Grease EP is made from the latest synthetic base oils, classified as “easily biodegradable” under the strict OECD 301 B guidelines.  These components also meet the requirements for biodegradability according to the, now obsolete, CEC – L – 33 – A 93 method.
Alubio Grease EP is characterized by its water-repellent characteristics which allow its use in wet environments and in contact with water. Alubio Grease EP is easily pumpable at low temperatures. Alubio Grease EP is strongly adherent to the surfaces with which it is in contact and allows a high resistance to vibrations, which tend to detach greases. Alubio Grease EP also provides a very good protection against rust.

Thermal range for continuous use: -20°C up to +150°C