ALUbio Grease HV

ALUbio Grease HV

Long-lasting high speed and high-temperature bearings


SAE – ISO VG – NLGI Gradation
NLGI 0-1-2
Operating temperature °C
From -20 to 150
Viscosity index

Biodegradable Grease based on the latest generation of synthetic fluids which are classified as “easily biodegradable” according to the strict  OECD 301 B guidelines. These components also meet the requirements for biodegradability according to the CEC – L – 33 – A 93 method. Alugrease® HV has high lubricating power, good adhesion and water resistance, load resistance and low coefficient of friction. Unlike ordinary biodegradable greases, formulated with vegetable oil or rapeseed oil derivatives, HV Alugrease® BIO has high thermal and oxidation stability for long service and lubricating properties comparable to those of the finest synthetic grease for application in extreme conditions. This grease is highly recommended for general lubrication, being particularly appropriate for bearings and sliding parts, even with heavy loads.

Thermal range for continuous use: – 20°C up to +150°C