Aluchem was founded in 1975 on a private initiative, due the previous experience of the founding members in the lubricants market. Aluchem immediately established itself as a leader company in the development and marketing of synthetic lubricants for all applications.

During the early 80s, Aluchem became the point of reference in Italy for the production and sale of synthetic compressor oils.

From the end of the 80s and during the 90s, Aluchem range of products was further enriched with innovative synthetic lubricants, to satisfy the severe working conditions in the industrial sectors.

During the 90s, Aluchem began to market its products outside national borders focusing on the research and development of technologically advanced lubricants.

Aluchem is the first Italian company to formulate and develop a complete range of NSF certified and registered non-toxic lubricants for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

During 2001 Aluchem launched the first synthetic biodegradable lubricant on the market, followed by increasingly performing products. Aluchem is today recognized as a market leader for the formulation of technological biodegradable lubricants with low environmental impact.

Aluchem is now managed by the new generation of founding members who keeps developing the company with the same passion and determination, spreading the values ​​of quality and professionalism.

Aluchem has long been facing global markets and nowadays operates in various countries of the world, in particular in the European and Asian markets, through a network of qualified distributors.