Alustart Motor HD
(ex Alustart Motor Oil)

Alustart Motor HD
(ex Alustart Motor Oil)

turbocharged diesel engines in hard service – energy savings


SAE – ISO VG – NLGI Gradation
SAE 10W-40, SAE 15W-40, SAE15W-50
Operating temperature °C
Greater than -20
Viscosity index
Greater than 145

Mineral lubricant for commercial vehicles with diesel engines (including turbos) and fixed diesel engines and drives. It is one of the latest specific lubricants for diesel engines and is classified UHPD (Ultra High Performance Diesel). Its viscometric features were designed to offer the ideal viscosity for the latest models of commercial diesel engines. It minimizes wear during ignition, creates energy savings and facilitates cold starts. Also suitable for petrol engines.

ACEA: A3/B3/B4/E3/E5/E7. API: CI4/CH4/CG4/CF4/CF/CF2/SJ/SL. MB: 228.3 and 229.1.  MAN: 3275.  VOLVO: VDS-3. CUMMINS: 20076/77/78.  MTU: Oil Cat-2. MACK: EO-M Plus. Global: DHD-1. Renault: RLD.