Alusynt® CE 500 Plus Alusynt® CE 750 Plus

Alusynt® CE 500 Plus Alusynt® CE 750 Plus

Reciprocating compressors processing breathing air


SAE – ISO VG – NLGI Gradation
ISO 100, 150
Operating temperature °C
From – 20 to +210
Viscosity index

Very-high performance, fully synthetic oils, specially developed for high-pressure reciprocating compressors processing breathing air. With extremely low vapour pressure and a particular chemical structure, they are ideal for all applications: refilling of self-contained breathing apparatus (cylinders for scuba divers), compression chambers, medical appliances.

Meet STANAG 1097 standards (low CO and CO2 content) for breathing air. Pass the limits of following tests: DIN 51506 – VD-L – PNEUROP OXIDATION TEST.