Alusynt® CE 500

Alusynt® CE 500

Reciprocating,lobe compressors, vacuum pumps


SAE – ISO VG – NLGI Gradation
ISO 100
Operating temperature °C
From – 20 to +210
Viscosity index

Fully synthetic oil, based on advanced technology for ‘extreme operating conditions’, with excellent lubricating properties and thermal stability low vapour pressure. Suitable for crankcase lubrication (up to 24,000 hours) and cylinder (oil drip) lubrication of any kind of cross-head or trunk-piston (8.000 hrs) reciprocating compressor, even for high operating pressures (300 bar) vane compressors (up to 5,000 hours)reciprocating and rotary vacuum pumps (up to 4,000 hours). Keeps valves clean, free of residues and perfectly efficient.