White FU

White FU

General-purpose bearings, compressed air lines and microfog generators, ways, slides, plain bearings


SAE – ISO VG – NLGI Gradation
ISO 15, 22, 32, 46, 68
Operating temperature °C
From – 10 to +160
Viscosity index
Greater than 100

Medicinal-type mineral oils. Meet the FDA purity requirements for this category can be used where contact with food is systematic, e.g. as anti-sticking in pasta dryers, release agents in bakery, moulding and similar applications. FDA have set maximium limits to contamination in these cases. Also suitable for light-duty splash lubrication of mechanical components, microfog and total-loss applications.

Rientrano fra le sostanze elencate nella lista: FDA (FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION) 21 CFR Sezione 172.878.

Belong to the class of substances mentioned in the list: FDA (FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION) 21 CFR Section 172.878.